CrossFit Games sú v plnom prúde. Team CrossFit Norcalu to ide celkom dobre a reku vyskúšame si jeden tréning z ich gymu.[wod]1) NorCalish Metcon: For total reps
5 min AMRAP
Buy In: 400m Run
In remaining time: Max Cals Row
Rest 2 min

4 min AMRAP
Buy In: 30 KB Swings
In remaining time: Max Pull Ups
Rest 2 min

3 min AMRAP
Buy In: 20 KB Goblet Squats
In remaining time: 10m Shuttle Run
Rest 2 min

2min AMRAP
Buy In: 10 KB SDHP
In remaining time: Max Burpees to Target
-Score is number of reps completed after the buy in.

2) Sled Push[/wod]
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